Tour Northern Italy and it's Lakes
July 15-23, 2020
This trip is so magical that a local couple is doing this same exact trip AGAIN! This is my favorite way
to explore Italy, with long stays in each hotel, daily excursions to great sights, fantastic foods and
passionate people.  Set against the foothills of the Alps, Northern Italy offers dramatic scenery and
a respite from the summer's heat. We will travel with our friend and Italian born host,
This is not your average, cookie-cutter tour! This Northern Italy trip is more food and wine centric
than most but still an in-depth experience which showcases their wonderful life and culture, at a
price you won’t find anywhere else. Come see why this is a favorite getaway for the international
Italy's Art, Food and Wine Tour
October 31-Nov 11, 2020
Come on an exclusive adventure with me limited to 40 travelers!  I travel all over Italy bringing Coco's guests
on tours several times a year and this is one of my favorites because, on this trip, the romantic part of Italy
comes to life.  This tour will tickle all of the senses: your eyes, ears, nose and taste buds.
Another great reason to chose this trip is that it is harvest time in Italy, plenty of foods are at their peak
freshness. The vineyards will be bustling with production, a site you can only see this time of year with a
special focus on visits to artisan salumi producers and makers of Parmigiano-Reggiano where you can taste
cheeses aged from 16 to 65 months.  My mouth is watering as I write this because it really is a seasonal treat
and I can’t wait for you to partake in this with me. During our free time I will guide or join you on my top picks
for restaurants, suggestions for ordering foods and favorite cocktails.
You will love every moment of this very special tour and you will find out why so many people want to move to
Italy when you are done with this this romantic, culinary and cultural adventure.
Tuscany & Umbria Countryside
Date TBA
Enjoy Fantastic Tours to Italy
with the owner of Coco's Italian Market 2020-2021
Each of our tours are handpicked to include
the very best Italy has to offer.  Whether this
is your first trip to Italy or your tenth, if you're
looking for minimal hassles, maximum
efficiency, no surprises or long tourist lines,
then you need to travel with Coco's for the
best trip possible.
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Highlights of Italy
March 20-29, 2021
This is this second time we are offering this popular tour. We hit the highlights of Italy, PERFECT for
first time travelers to this magnificent country! You experience the best of Italy's traditional cuisine
and unique lodgings.  We start in the "Eternal City", Rome, then travel through the golden hills of
Tuscany to Florence, onto the most unique city in the world, Venice, then finish in the fashion
capital, Milan.  There is plenty of time for lesuire exploring and shopping.  This is a favorite of mine
because it's like bragging how great this country really is.  
Sicily and Southern Italy
November 10-21, 2020
Southern Italy should be visited at least once in a lifetime.  Now you have a chance to explore its
cultural treasures, history and foods with experienced traveler Chuck Cinelli, the owner of Coco’s
Italian Market, and our friend and Italian born host Mariangela. This is not your average, cookie-
cutter tour! We have planned an unprecedented, in-depth experience for you which showcases their
wonderful life and culture, at a price you won’t find anywhere else. This trip will be the fourth time I
am offering this tour.  I love Sicily and you will too!
You can use any travel agent to book a tour to Italy but if you go with Coco’s Italian
not only do we have great prices on exceptional tours but I go with you. Besides
being on a comprehensive tour I am with you every step of the way. I know all the
little details and side streets to make your trip that much more special. I have been
to Italy so many times it’s like you are traveling with your Italian Cousin. Plus I am
an avid armature photographer and you will get a free disk with 100’s of photos of
all of the sites and activities we enjoyed together.  Chuck Cinelli - owner
This is the Italy you always imagined and heard of. With immense historical, cultural and artistic
heritage you will be awed as you stroll within the fortified towns of castles and towers. Be amazed by
the expressive churches and expansive cathedral domes. And find unique shopping down side
streets that open up to breathtaking landscapes.
With my repeated travel to this area I think that several days in Umbria would be a preferred
experience for you. It has all the charm, beauty and deliciousness of Tuscany, but far fewer tourists.
All of the towns you will visit: Orvieto, Spoleto, Assisi, Montefalco and Perugia are totally unique and
photogenic, with charming local shops and their own regional food traditions.  And within these walled
towns of ruins and legends is great cuisine and cooking traditions that date back thousands of years.
Imagine plate after plate of fresh foods, cured meats, giant mounds of fresh ricotta as well as world
famous wines. It’s always a good time for a great glass of wine.
This is a great tour for first-time travelers to Italy, with so many sites that you’ve seen in the movies
and travel posters you will love this area of Italy. Plus I will be with you too to and ensure you will have
a dream vacation.
It’s fun to travel with a friend and family so send our web-page to other enjoyable people. I will be glad to talk to them personally.
Our tours sell out fast, a small 100% refundable deposit holds your spot.
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