Come on an exclusive adventure with me limited to 40 travelers!  I travel all over Italy bringing Coco's guests on tours
several times a year and this is one of my favorites because, on this trip, the romantic part of Italy comes to life.  This
tour will tickle all of the senses: your eyes, ears, nose and taste buds.
Another great reason to chose this trip is that it is harvest time in Italy, plenty of foods are at their peak freshness. The
vineyards will be bustling with production, a site you can only see this time of year with a special focus on visits to
artisan salumi producers and makers of Parmigiano-Reggiano where you can taste cheeses aged from 16 to 65
months.  My mouth is watering as I write this because it really is a seasonal treat and I can’t wait for you to partake in
this with me. During our free time I will guide or join you on my top picks for restaurants, suggestions for ordering foods
and favorite cocktails.
You will love every moment of this very special tour and you will find out why so many people want to move to Italy
when you are done with this this romantic, culinary and cultural adventure.

-Chuck Cinelli, Owner of Coco’s
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Day 1  Overnight Flight
Welcome to Italy! After we land, we’ll take a scenic drive to our hotel and freshen up.  It’s
hard to not get excited for what awaits us, Italy’s most remarkable landscapes and towns,
full of grape vines, olive trees, and seaside views.
DAY 2  Stresa - Borromeo
We begin our day with a wonderful breakfast, looking out at the notable Swiss
Alps, relaxing along the shores of Lake Maggiore and surrounded by the
tranquil beauty of the three islands that make up the Gulf of Borromeo. Today
antipasto snacks for an afternoon picnic. Later, we will set sail for a
late-afternoon cruise to the most picturesque of the three  Borromean
Islands, known as Isoladei Pescatori, where we will embrace our new friends
and end our night with a classic Italian dinner welcoming us to beautiful Italy!
DAY 3  Stresa - Mottarone
Today we take a scenic drive to a historic village, tucked away in the mountains of Mottarone, a local friend of ours and his
family greets us to sample their very own, unique artisanal cheeses that are paired with the region’s best wines.  We take the
remainder of the day to explore the city of Stresa at your leisure.  Ask me for recommendations, maybe hop on the Mottarone
Cable Car to see the beauty of Stresa from above, take a walk through one of Stresa’s many parks and trails, enjoy an
elegant lunch at the historic Villa Ducale, or stroll along the flower-lined cobblestone streets and the lakeside boardwalks. Or,
perhaps relax on an optional cruise, coasting through the breathtaking surroundings of the scenic lake region.
DAY 4  Stresa - Orta - Italian Riviera
Experience picture-perfect views from Lake Orta (a UNESCO historic site), known as the “Hidden Gem” of the Italian Lakes
District. A boat will guide us to Isola di San Giulio, heavily influenced by the historical Benedictine Monastery. After
exploring the fascinating history on the island, we will journey south to the Italian Riviera and discover its boundless beauty
along the unspoiled Liguria coast.
DAY 5  Italian Riviera - Cinque Terre
Today is my favorite way to travel through Italy, by rail because you see an Italy
that is not seen by the roads-it’s like going through Italy’s back yard. Speaking of
backyards, today we visit  the unspoiled five coastal villages known as Cinque
Terre (UNESCO), a string of five unspoiled medieval towns perched on the edge of
the Mediterranean Sea. We spend an afternoon independently exploring each
unique village – ask me about  lovely scenic hikes on one of the many beautiful
trails, the best restaurants for some delicious fresh seafood, explore the dramatic
walking paths that connect each individual town, or relax with a Spritz cocktail on
the sandy beach in Monterosso.
DAY  6  Italian Riviera - Lucca – Tuscany
Encircled by 16th-century Renaissance walls, Lucca exudes an old-world
ambience. Old storefronts and busy piazzas offer a glimpse into the city’s
medieval past, which have served as local gathering spots for more than 2,000
years. This afternoon, it’s your choice! Discover Lucca on foot -OR- pedal the
city via bicycle. Whatever you choose, you’ll see historic marvels, including the
Cathedral of San Martino and the Piazza dell’Anfiteatro. After you’ve worked up
an appetite, we will tour Lucca’s specialty food shops and sample the region’s
seasonal delicacies. We’ll stop at a family-owned leather shop and learn the
traditional Italian techniques of leather making. We end our day in a historic
Tuscan villa to start a rejuvenating 4-night stay.
DAY  7: Tuscany - Florence
Welcome to Florence – the birthplace of the Renaissance and the beloved home of
the Medici family, Galileo, Botticelli and da Vinci. We will set out on a walking tour and
see Florence’s medieval treasures and monuments, including the Piazza del Duomo
– the center of religious life in Florence – and the Piazza dellaSignoria. We will visit
the world-famous Galleria dell'Accademiato and see Michelangelo’s unparalleled
statue of David. Later, enjoy some free time to explore Florence independently
before returning to your villa. Ask me about travel by foot over the famous Ponte
Vecchio bridge, discover the shops, restaurants, and delicious gelato close by Santa
Spirito, hang out in front of Pitti Palace, walk through the courtyard in the Uffizi
Gallery, or enjoy a refreshment in a bar by Piazza Santa Croce.
Day 8  Tuscany - Siena
Today we take a scenic drive to Siena, where Romanesque and Gothic
architecture surround us within this UNESCO World Heritage site. We meet up with
our local guide and walk the narrow medieval streets and see all the beauty within
Siena. We’ll take a walk to the Gothic cathedral – Duomo di Siena - an
architectural marvel featuring frescoes by Pinturicchio and masterpieces by
Pisano, Donatello, and Michelangelo. Visit Piazza del Campo, where Palio di Siena
(famous horse race) takes place every year, or roam the city and try to find all 17
plaques that represent the 17 districts “Contrade of Siena” that race in the Palio di
Siena.  Then we retreat to your Tuscan villa for a relaxing afternoon.
Day 9  Tuscan Countryside
Get your cameras ready as we take in Tuscany’s scenery, a spectrum of vineyards
and endless groves of golden, sun soaked trees. In the heart of the Tuscan
countryside, a family-owned wine estate awaits us. After a tour of the wine cellar,
the estate, the vineyards and the olive fields, we will enjoy a lunchtime cooking
lesson with the estate’s own chef. We will break bread during an authentic Tuscan
lunch and toast with wines produced on-site. Return to your villa for some leisure
time in the afternoon. We’ll continue our culinary journey at a traditional Tuscan
restaurant for dinner.
Day 10  Tuscany - Bologna - Venice
Have a hearty breakfast because today we’ll start the day off on a walking tour,
and discover the culture of Bologna, a city barely changed since the Renaissance
era and where Italy’s most acclaimed chef’s train. We’ll peruse the city’s specialty
food shops and sample local delicacies along the way, making a stop at Mercato di
Mezzo. Later, we will arrive in Venice, the “Floating City” and settle in for a splendid
2-night stay in one of the most romantic cities in the world. Spend some time
walking along the main canal, and I’ll guide you to my favorite spots for dinner and
wine, while enjoying the sound of the water splashing against the canal walls.
Day 11  Venice
We will spend our last day in Venice, home to lavish art collections,
architectural wonders and where marbled palaces tower over gondola-
laden canals. We will travel by boat to Murano - the “City of Glass” - for
an expert glass-blowing demonstration, a renowned tradition on the
island. After touring through Murano and finding a few treasures, we will
journey back to St. Mark’s - Venice’s iconic main square. During our free
time, I’ll point out some great lunch spots. After lunch, a local guide will
take us on a tour of the city’s incredible sites, including the Bridge of
Sighs, the Clock Tower, and St. Mark’s Basilica. We’ll say “Arriverderci”
to Italy at a savory farewell dinner I have planned for everyone.
Day 12  Venice
At breakfast in the hotel we will share email addresses with your new friends as our tour
comes to a close but it's the beginning of beautiful memories shared and friendships.
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brochure of this tour
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Click here for a PDF
brochure of this tour
Highlights include Italian Lake Region, Italian Riviera, Tuscan Countryside, Wine Tasting,
Cooking Class, Bologna and Venice