Our tours are not typical like most travel packages nor are they cookie cutter, and every day will be totally different, interesting and fun with enough time for personal sightseeing and shopping.
If you have been to Italy many times or this will be your first trip you will have the most fantastic experience with Coco’s. Our trips sell out fast so call and reserve your spot with a small deposit. Join us and unlock Italy’s treasures!

Meet Your Travel Experts

Chuck Cinelli
As owner of Coco’s Italian Market and Restaurant and a self professed lover of all things Italian, Chuck takes all of the guess work out of traveling to Italy. With over twenty trips under his belt, there is truly nowhere you will go that he hasn’t been. Chuck’s easy going demeanor and enthusiasm will put you at ease right away and you leave Italy with not only great memories but a lifelong friend.

Mariangela Carozzi
With over 16 years experience she is a very sought after tour guide throughout all of Italy. She loves doing Coco’s groups because we are always so much fun and have a common background. With Mari on board several of our past clients have rebooked our trips knowing that she will be with us…. She’s that good and, more importantly, she’s that much fun! Mariangela is extremely knowledgeable, about everything we see, do and taste. She is also a great asset if you like to go shopping. Mari is honest, sincere and light hearted, you will always feel comfortable and at ease knowing she is with us every set of the way.

Cynthia Schutt
Cynthia has been providing travel services and solutions to leisure and corporate clients for over twenty years. She has completed certification programs with major cruise lines, hotels and tour operators and has traveled extensively throughout the Caribbean and Central America. Cynthia loves making your dream vacation a reality and believes every moment of your vacation should be measured by just how far it takes you from the ordinary. “I am passionate about sharing the world with you. Take advantage of my knowledge and services”.
Here is a link to my reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers.

Betty Glass
Betty is a huge asset to the travel team that helps our clients at Coco’s. She began her travel career in 1970 when she was invited to be a part of the U. S. Group Development Team for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. She specialized in marketing group tours to Europe and the Middle East, as well as working in the development of various Tour Packages with International travel providers.
Group escorting became her passion, and she continues to travel the world and enhance the travel experience for each of her passengers. Her attention to detail along the way has made a huge difference in creating memorable tours throughout the world.
May, 2020, will be the 50th year milestone for this “Travel Guru” who has been to over 150 countries. She is the director of a large Travel Club in Tennessee, and mentors other club leaders in their development of group travel.

Andrea Martin
Andrea has a passion for connecting individuals with the world through group travel and you will find her very helpful. Her formative years were spent traveling with and assisting her mother, Betty Glass, former owner/president of Nashville based Heritage Tours. During these years she circumnavigated the globe, setting her feet in more than 25 countries, and always returned with a dream to share the world with others.
She and her mother, now the president/founder of multiple travel clubs throughout the South, have founded the Sewanee Travel Club to provide a connecting point for those seeking to continue, or begin, their globetrotting experiences with vetted travel resources.

Simone Jacobson Meyerowitz
Simone began her travel career in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1984 sending her clients on both dream vacation and booking their business trips to the USA, Europe, South America and around Africa.
Simone moved to Nashville in 1993, where she started specializing in African trips and Safaris but loving most of all to send people to South Africa which gives her tremendous joy to show off her home! Take advantage of Simone’s “on the ground” connections in South Africa and have her make the perfect trip for you.

Emily Hefta
Emily believes traveling is the best way to live your life! She has been to 13 Countries and 4 Continents,and has 3 trips planned this year for herself! She has been to Italy 3times, and this March will be her 4th time visiting; she would say she’s in love with Italy! She is extremely passionate about helping people see the world and embrace new cultures. She will be your Travel Liaison for this trip so you don’t have to worry about a thing!

Jim Peacock
Jim is the latest to join the Coco’s family of travel guides and his specialty is putting together unique, bucket list style tours that he also hosts and travels on with you.

It’s fun to travel with a friend and family so send our web-page to other enjoyable people. I will be glad to talk to them personally. Our tours sell out fast, a small 100% refundable deposit holds your spot.

Add Coco’s favorite Italian Cooking School before or after your tour with our friends Dino and Massimo

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