Benefits of Traveling with Coco’s

  • Behind the scenes tours and VIP treatment from our personal friends in Italy.
  • Enjoy great savings you won’t find on your own, we beat Internet prices.
  • Safety in numbers and experience in travel.
  • Easy phone app that keeps us all updated on our tour.
  • We organize a web page for sharing our pictures.
  • Plenty of free time for personal exploration.
  • Worry free cancellation right up to the time of departure.*
  • You travel with Chuck, who is in Italy several times a year, click here to see our reviews!

Our biggest compliments are that in a few short years we already have several customers going back to Italy with us for a third time and even more taking their second trip to Italy with Coco’s.

Last year we had a reunion dinner with the folks who went on our first Highlights trip and 100% of the participants that lived locally showed up for the reunion!

Common Questions

Q. Why is the price so low, does the low cost reflect the quality of the experience? What all is included?
A. No, the low cost does not reflect the quality of the trip: 1. Our travel agency has relationships with airlines, hotels and tour companies all over the world which gives us contracted (discounted) pricing that you won’t get booking yourself on line. 2. We are traveling a week before high tourist season, which saves you up to $500. 3.Coco’s purchased this tour a year in advance so we got great prices that I passed on to you (save additionally if you have air mile and book your own flight). 4. Included in your price is the following: airfare, all transportation during your trip, all hotels, breakfast and either lunch or dinner daily.

Q. How are the hotels?
A. We choose hotels that have a 4 four star rating or higher (European standards). We also choose properties that either have stunning views and/or central locations so you will be within walking distance to attractions, dining and nightlife. We also prefer hotels that are European, which have charm and history because who wants to stay at a Best Western while in Italy?

Q. Why not just jump on any other tour?
A. Usually you are on a bus full of strangers, We are all from Nashville or have ties here through a friend or relative in the group and we are the only people on the tour and not part of a larger group. We have our own modern, exclusive bus with big windows, plenty of leg room and a reclining seat. It makes it more fun that we are all here for the same adventure and quickly expand our friendships and camaraderie (see below).

Q. I am a little nervous traveling with a bunch of strangers…will there be a preliminary meeting?
A. Our camaraderie on this adventure starts before we even leave! Several weeks before our adventure, we host a complimentary ‘get to know each other’ dinner with a buffet from Coco’s Italian Market. We all get to know each other through casual conversation and an organized question / answer session. Cynthia, our travel advisor, will go over all the details of your travel documents and we answer all of your questions about what to expect when traveling abroad. There is lots of good info plus things will be brought up that you may not have thought of. It’s a fun evening and we all get excited knowing our trip is just around the corner. Plus, we all fill in a questionnaire that is passed out weeks before the trip so that you have a head start and a reference of who each other are.

Q. Why travel with Coco’s?
A. Every place we are going to is expecting us and extends their utmost hospitality. Chuck is a seasoned traveler and visitor of Italy…it truly is like traveling with your Italian cousin (that you never knew you had!). They know that the travel agency owner is on the trip and want us to recommend them to our future clients so they treat all of us very, very well.

friendships and camaraderie (see below).

Q. Why not book on my own?
A. You can and we can do that for you. Rachel our inhouse travel agent and I are happy to help.  Just know that on average if you are to duplicate any of the tours verbatim that Coco’s offers here you may pay twice as much. Traveling with 24 people shows the economy of scale and not to mention peace of mind.

Q. Why travel with Chuck?
A. There is no place we are going to that I have not been to. When you travel with me there will be no hiccups or unexpected surprises, you will not have any hesitations or second guesses…your trip will be smooth and flawless. I can tell you when and where to go shopping, cash conversions, where to eat, what to order and a whole host of tips that only a seasoned traveler to Italy can answer. My one and only goal is that you have an amazing experience and will recommend and travel with me again (several of my past clients will be on this trip)!

If you have more questions, please email or call during regular business hours.

It’s fun to travel with a friend so send our web-page to your friends and family and I will be glad to talk to them personally.

*For more information, please contact Rachel at (615) 678-6318

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