“It’s like traveling with your Italian Cousin”

What started off as buying trips of gourmet Italian foods for our market and restaurant has led Coco’s to form a tour company for you, our friends and patrons.

Being a distributor of Italian products, we have access to the most unique places that the average traveler would never be able to see, such as chocolate factories, honey producers, bakeries, farms, orchards, olive groves and pasta makers, to name a few. After several years of traveling to Italy on buying trips for Coco’s Italian Market, Chuck (owner of Coco’s Italian Market and Restaurant) started making You tube videos about our suppliers (see links below) to highlight the technique and care that producers were putting into their products. The products that these families produce are traditional, delicious and I wanted our clients to know just how wonderful the products are that we carry in our store– and to experience the places they come from. The videos were a hit and a lot of clients expressed interest in gong to Italy with me and just like that, Coco’s Italian Market Tours was born.

With every trip we took, we got better at providing our guests a more efficient and much less expensive tour; in fact, a good number of customers have gone to Italy with me several times now (check out our testimonials!).

Chuck personally leads two to three trips to Italy every year. With Chuck, you experience the best of Italy’s countryside and its famed cities. Showcasing ancient sites, priceless art, traditional cuisine, unique lodgings, my favorite wineries and restaurants, you will enjoy regional street food and participate in a hands on cooking class. Usually you will be able to visit one or two of Coco’s Italian Market suppliers for a behind the scenes look at their antique production methods. And, if you can not make it when Chuck goes, no worries…we can provide a similar trip for you at your convenience.

Have questions? Call us! A ten minute conversation of what you like to do and where you want to go on your budget can save you hours upon hours of searching on the Internet.

It’s fun to travel with a friend and family so send our web-page to other enjoyable people. I will be glad to talk to them personally. Our tours sell out fast, a small 100% refundable deposit holds your spot.

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